MARIYA x Katie Kime

Yesterday, I got to attend the launch party for a new fashion brand in place of my editor who was unable to attend.

Entrepreneurs Melissa Moriarty and Paula Herrera have teamed up with Katie Kime to launch their new exclusive collection, MARIYA.

They premiered their hand-woven fold-over clutch ($128) that was absolutely adorable. I’m sad I forgot to take pictures of it in person.

Fold-Over Clutch

MARIYA (pronounced “Maria”) means yellow in Wayuunaiki, the language spoken by the indigenous Wayuu of La Guajira, Colombia, who handcrafted the collection based on designs created by Moriarty and Paula Herrera. Unfortunately, Paula was not there but Melissa was! I had a great time talking with her about the brand and her inspirations.

Attendees were gifted these wonderful momentos made in the same design as their collection.



The next best thing was I got to tour the Katie Kime store!! IT was absolutely whimsical and my sister and I fell in love with the decor. We may be planning a revisit as soon as we get situated in our new apartment.

I absolutely loved this cutie but alas my college student budget doesn’t agree.


Here is a slideshow of my pictures in case you guys wanted a closer look!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Until my next adventure!




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