Margo Price, Country’s Rising Star

So00, as an intern at a local publication I got to interview Margo Price, country’s latest rising star, prior to her performance at Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic at the Circuit of Americas.

I had an absolutely great time speaking with Margo (she has just went to bed at 1am to turn around for 9am interview, whew!)


Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

During this interview, I got to pick into Margo’s mindset a little seeing her aspirations, her sound, her favorite things about Austin and what drew her to music.

Regretfully, I didn’t get to share this at the time of its release as I was pretty caught up with work (working two jobs and being involved in students orgs will do that to ya.)

Nonetheless, check out my article at Austin Woman Magazine and I hope you enjoy it!

On the bright side, look forward to my coming interview with electric blues singer, Jackie Venson, a very talented musician who has been burning up the scene lately.


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