Sweet Temptations

Lately, life has been hitting me pretty hard lately. This past week, I decided to visit my family for while I was transitioning between apartments. I didn’t quite get to rest much as we were pretty tied up looking for a new car.

Sharing one car with my sister has been beyond rough and I am excited to finally have my own separate car.

In the meantime, I got a new food haunt to share! One of the best things about living in Austin is the unique selections from almost every culture.

My absolute favorites are those who give traditional eats a special twist.


Ever wondered how ice cream mixed with Bourbon would taste? Honestly, I had never thought to mix the two but Prohibition Creamery, a new ice cream joint in Austin brings these two fine delicacies together in the sweetest matrimony possible.

The shop opened July 19 where I got to taste their yummy confections that were soooo good. Their ice cream may be some of the smoothest ice cream I have ever tasted. I tried the Vanilla Bean flavor topped with cacao nibs.  It was really light and melted quickly once eaten.
 What makes this restaurant really standout to me is the ingenuity of their selections that hits all the right taste-bud spots, serving everything with a little sugar and spice—and some booze mixed in for good measure.
The interior had the most chic and laid-back vibe that I think will help it standout from other ice cream parlors around town.
  The next ice cream joint I to try out is SPUN. They use liquid nitrogen to to create their ice cream. Feel free to share some of the weirdest or unusual eats you’ve tasted below!
 Read the rest of my review here!

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