A Fresh Outlook

Since starting this blog, it has been a great challenge in defining what exactly I want to do with it. I can count many nights spent researching and combing through various blogs seeking advice or answers that would lead me to success.

Lately, I’ve taken a break from all that and  realize that my biggest hindrance was myself. I’ve been a little lazy with my content so I am focusing simply on getting my writing on track before anything else.

Not to mention, I have been needlessly obsessing over followers and views but this time around I told myself “Why don’t I start things off a little more easily?”. I signed up for a Hoot suite account but dropped it as I have too much on my plate right now between school and work.

So, I actually sat down and thought about what do I actually want to do with this blog and what goals do I need to set for myself.


  1. No pressure

One of the things that first tripped me up as a blogger was I had such high ambitions it actually made it harder for me to write something because I got it in my mind that I wasn’t capable of producing what I had envisioned. Now, I am just going to take a more laid-back approach and let things flow.

It’s amazing how much clearer my ideas are now that I don’t have a bunch of ideas clamoring around. Next, I want to hone in my exact niche and start tailoring my posts to fit that better.

2. Better Quality

Making a great post with good images has been more time-consuming than I thought and I hope to further improve on this aspect greatly.

3. Implement a Editorial calendar 

Okay. This is much easier said than done but I hope to get on a more organized track with putting content out on a regular basis. Right now, I just kind of write what comes to me so I definitely implement a schedule and stick to it.

4. Avoid Comparisons

This is something I also struggle with greatly. It so easy to scroll through a more popular blogger’s site and get caught up with the various opportunities and content they have but I remind myself that it takes more than one day to build a village.

5. Foster a community

One thing I like about WordPress is the community aspect. It’s really great to be able to access all these sources for help whenever I get stuck but also see other bloggers work and feel inspired by their ambition. I really want my blog to feel like a place where people can freely talk with one another.


1. 300-500 followers by the end of the year.

2. Make at least two blog posts a week.

3. Curate original content.

4. Let my personality show more.

Have you set any goals for your blog? Share your thoughts, tips and advice down below. I love reading other’s experience!


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Outlook

  1. Just been setting new goals this week! Your point about letting your personality come through is so helpful 😃 I find it hard because I’m a very private person, but it’s kind of hard to connect with people if you don’t!!


    • As a fellow reserved person, I am glad my post resonated with you! My internships this summer have been a great way for me to break out my shell and connect with others. One of my goals this year is to connect and grow my friendships with people around me.

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