Skin Talk: Sun Care

Sunscreen is slowly but surely becoming a staple (rightfully so..) in many peoples’ daily routine around the world. With all the research and studies stating the harmful effects of sun damage, I believe it’s fantastic that people are starting to get more serious about sun damage.

Growing up in the South, it wasn’t unusual to see people getting their tan on. Sunscreen was like this special thing reserved for people that sunburned easily.

My first attempt at sun care was the Biore UV Watery Essence sold in Japan that has been receiving reviews (Seriously, why do other countries seem to get the better products sometimes?) Unfortunately, there was a shipping error and so I found a replacement to try instead.

I settled the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch and it has been incredibly disappointing.

This sunscreen feels really greasy on my skin and doesn’t ever seem to fully sink in on my arms. Any amount of sweat will have me feeling greasy and the product even turns into a white film on my arms. I walked into class this past week with stains of my shirt from trying to wipe the product off as I headed to class.


It’s important for sunscreens to have UVA and UVB  protection in order to fully prevent sun damage.  This product has both and I did notice a tone difference on my arms after I stopped applying it on a regular basis.

I always apply my sunscreen in dots and spread it in a circular motion for better consistency. Remember, the recommended amount is 1 ounce.


This sunscreen was kind of thicker than I expected considering it was not for outdoor use like swimming.

Lasting Power

This product had great lasting power and I could go about two hours before having to apply more.

Sunscreen fully rubbed into skin.


With my next sunscreen, I am definitely going for a thinner consistency. This product would be great for someone who has dry skin.

When looking for a sunscreen, I feel that you should ask yourself these four questions.

  • Does it leave a white cast?
  • Is there friction when applying?
  • After it’s applied, does it feel heavy on the skin?
  • After it’s applied, does it leave an oily shine/feel?

Also, be sure to read the back of the label to ensure none of the ingredients are irritant. Even though the summer is over, you should still apply sunscreen regularly because harmful rays can penetrate clouds.


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