Mac Unveils New Magnetic Eye Shadow

Hello guys! Well, time sure has flown hasn’t it. Working, going to school full-time and hustling after internships has been a great way to stay busy.


Today, I am back to talk about Mac’s revolutionary eye shadow that is making big waves in the beauty industry right now. And rightfully so. Right before we step into the fall weather, Mac released some promo for a new line of magnetic eye shadows hitting the shelves October 20. 

Eight highly pigmented shades will be on the shelves for a limited time. Modeled after shimmering jewel-tone shades, the shadows will be available in cobalt blue, cool teal, warm olive, vivid emerald, deep amethyst, rich chocolate, smoky quartz, and metallic bronze.

Shout to the rooftops amen because Mac may have just hit the holy grail with this product. It’s magnetic capabilities prevents fall-out and accidental spills. This is absolutely incredible to me. I would never imagined something like this and can’t to see the looks make-up artists will come up with. The powders magically bounce back to their original wave pattern, no matter how many times you mess them up with your brush or your finger.

From the videos I’ve seen on spread across social media, these colors are definitely for those who like a strong and bold eye. I definitely can not wait for this product to hit the shelves. It may just find its way into my collection. Once I peep the price first of course.


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