Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Developing Scripted TV Series

Best-selling author Kevin Kwan announced last week he will be adapting his popular book series Crazy Rich Asians into a television series.

The Hollywood Reporter disclosed last Thursday that Kwan will be adapting his popular book series Crazy Rich Asians into a drama series as a stand-alone entity from the film adaptation currently in production under director Jon Chu.

STXtv, the television division of Chinese-backed company STX Entertainment, will be producing the series based on a currently untitled script co-written by Kwan and David Sangalli.

“I can’t wait to tell you new stories and introduce you to new characters set in a completely different world in a way that I’ve never been able to before,” Kwan said in a Instagram post.

Kwan didn’t reveal much about the plot itself but assured fans that the same globe-trotting, glamorous experiences from the book will be in the show in addition to new characters with new storylines. He did not reveal if original characters from the books will make an appearance in the series.

“There’s no better home than STXtv for my next act,” Kwan said in a statement. “We can’t wait to take my fans and a whole new audience into an extraordinary world they’ve never seen before.”

The third and final installment, Rich People Problems, in Kwan’s popular book series is set to be released on May 23. Crazy Rich Asians rose to popularity swiftly with its outrageous yet fun characters, envy-inducing vacations and bank accounts many people can only dream of.

Comment below characters from the book you hope to see make an appearance or a dream destination for the new characters to explore!

*This story was originally published on my Buzzfeed Community page.


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