2017: ATX TV Fest Sneaky Pete Panel Recap

Original series Sneaky Pete became Amazon’s second-most-streamed show on an opening day, a feat that has only been accomplished by one other Amazon show The Man in The Castle. Amazon immediately green-lit season two as the reviews kept rolling in. For such a popular show, it’s hard to imagine its rocky start before finding a home at Amazon.

Showrunner Graham Yost sat down with ATX Television Festival June 9 to discuss the move to Amazon and working with the streaming giant in today’s era of Peak TV before sharing a few details about season two.  Continue reading


My Cousin Rachel Is A Gothic Delight From Typical Summer Fare



Photo: The Telegraph

With the current success and popularity of action flicks, My Cousin Rachel is a nice depart from the constant onslaught of blockbuster giants going head to head at the box office as they compete for fans money and attention with action packed sequences littered with a litany of juvenile jokes and other filler content alongside sometimes poorly conceived plots.

Based on the novel written by British author Daphne du Maurier, this film was first adapted in 1952 by Henry Koster much to the dissatisfaction of Maurier who felt the film was unfaithful to her original work. Although Maurier has since passed, many critics find director Roger Michell’s new adaptation more in nature with the tale, allowing some of Maurier’s more gothic undertones to come to life in his film. My Cousin Rachel centers on Phillip who has just finished college and is set to inherit his cousin Ambrose’s entire estate as the sole heir to his surrogate father’s wealth.

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